Try Nepalese Cuisine at MoMo House

Is your New Year’s resolution to try new things? How about some new food? MoMo House is now open in Vienna, and they serve hard-to-find Nepalese cuisine. The specialty of the house is their namesake momo, a classic dumpling filled with meat, paneer cheese, or vegetables and prepared either steamed or pan-fried. Be sure to get at least a small order of momo when you visit MoMo House, whether it’s six as an appetizer, or a few different varieties to make a full meal. 

Other popular menu items include a variety of curry dishes, kebobs, and lots of what they call "quick pick delights." You might like to try the Nepali-style soybean balls or the Aalu Nimki, a crunchy snack mix with spices and potatoes.  MoMo House has all of the authentic foods you might already love, or to introduce you this exciting new cuisine. Find MoMo House on Maple Avenue. It’s tucked away in the plaza and a little hard to find, but a quick search is well worth it for their momo and more. 

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