Try Aerial Yoga at SourceCore Studio

When you want to take your yoga practice to new heights—literally—come to an aerial swing class at SourceCore Studio. The class relies on a stretchy silk sling hanging from the ceiling, which is strong enough to support a yogi as he or she flows through a Sun Salutation. The support of the sling also allows students to play around with inversions and arm balances that might not be accessible otherwise.

When you’re looking for a more traditional practice, try a yoga or a Pilates mat class instead. SourceCore offers a variety of yoga classes, from slow-moving restorative to vigorous Vinyasa, so students always have options. You can also get a little more adventurous with your workout and try Zumba, barre, or fascia training at SourceCore Studio instead. Enroll for class online and come ready to sweat!

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