Test Your Sleuthing Skills at Escapology Fairfax Corner

It’s New Year’s Eve, 1999, in the Scottish Highlands. Your name is Robert Montgomerie, and you’re the heir to your grandfather’s massive fortune. So when he’s suddenly found dead in the middle of the party, you understand why your family is suspicious of you—but you know you’re innocent. The cops will make it to the remote party in about an hour, so that’s how long you have to find evidence that will actually prove your innocence. This is one of the gripping scenarios at Escapology Fairfax Corner, known as the "Mansion Murder."

Like each of the escape rooms, you’ll have to follow clues and solve riddles in order to earn your freedom from Murder Mansion in the allotted time. If you’re not interested in cracking this case, Escapology Fairfax Corner plays host to four other rooms that you can choose from.

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