Sweat Through a Bikram Class at YogaWorks Fairfax

If you're not into the idea of working out in a noisy, crowded gym, try YogaWorks Fairfax instead. This yoga studio feels more like a spa than a fitness center. From the serene lounge stocked with high-end yoga couture to the cold, lavender-scented towel that instructors hand out to each student after class, every aspect of the studio is designed to make your Bikram yoga experience a pleasant one.

Even if you've never tried Bikram before, you're welcome to come to the signature Hot 90. The 90-minute yoga class unfolds in a room heated to 106 to 108 degrees, infused with 40% humidity, as per Bikram tradition. The instructor guides pupils through the typical 26-posture sequence with two distinct breathing exercises woven throughout. The pace of the flow and the added heat work together to build stronger muscles and help students sweat out toxins.

Public Domain/Pixabay/KatjaFiona

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