Summer Time Party Ideas for Apartment Living

Summer is here and the living is easy when you live at Regent's Park! Whether you want to throw a birthday party or a Fourth of July bash, there are a ton of reasons to host friends and family in your home. Here are a few great tips for throwing the perfect summer party in an apartment space.

  • Choose a theme. Every good party has a theme, even if it's just something simple. Things like a tacos-and-margaritas party, an 80s-themed party or just a patriotic Independence Day bash are sure to be more fun than a party with no theme at all.
  • Make things festive. Decorate your apartment to go along with your theme to get guests in a festive mood. Hang some streamers and balloons, grab some coordinating plates and napkins, turn on some party music and even set the mood with twinkly string lights.
  • Add some seating. If you plan on serving food, playing a game or watching a movie at your party, you'll definitely want to have seating for everyone. Even if you don't have the space for numerous sofas or chairs, you can always pull in some extra chairs from another room or toss some pillows on the floor to encourage guests to get comfy.
  • Prep the food. No space for a sit-down dinner party? No worries! A summer party lends even more freedom to make the meal casual and silverware-free. Throw some burgers on the grill, make a dip in the slow cooker or just set out some finger foods for guests to nibble on as they hang out. Easy as a summer day!

Public Domain/Pixabay/bridgesward

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