Planning an Outdoor Adventure, Regent’s Park? Gear Up at Hudson Trail Outfitters!

In 1971, the folks at Hudson Trail Outfitters began selling high quality outdoor gear to happy campers, hikers, kayakers, and more. Today, this legacy continues at the regional chain's Fairfax location, where a friendly and professional staff is ready to help Regent’s Park residents find whatever they need for an upcoming outdoor adventure.

Interested in snow sports? Get outfitted with a pair of new skis and a windproof jacket. Thinking about a paddle trip down a nearby river? Let Hudson Trail advise you on canoe sizes and weights that will be appropriate for your group. And whatever you've got planned, don't forget to stock up on the basics: warm, cushioned socks, sturdy shoes, and lots of old-fashioned sunscreen. Hudson Trail even offers a membership program that offers discounts for every dollar you spend, and regular clearance sales can make expensive items a bit more affordable.

Hudson Trail Outfitters
9488 Fairfax Boulevard
Fairfax, VA 22031
(703) 59-2950

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