Plan the Perfect March Madness Party With These Great Ideas

March Madness is upon is, and with it comes all kinds of fun for basketball fans. If you want to host a March Madness party in your own home at Regent's Park, we have you covered with some creative ideas for everything from a blowout bash to a small viewing party with your closest friends.

  • Send out invites. First, make sure your guests know about your party! Send out a quick text for a casual get-together, or for a bigger bash, go with a basketball-themed e-vite. Tell your guests to arrive around an hour before game time in order to get everyone comfortable and allow time for late arrivals.
  • Plan the seating arrangement. No one wants to miss a moment of the action, so if you don't have a sectional sofa large enough for your whole crew, borrow some chairs, toss out some floor pillows or clear out the coffee table to make room for everyone.
  • Decorate for your favorite team. Make things a little more fun and festive by stringing up streamers in your favorite team's colors, buying cups and plates with your team's logo or even DIY-ing things like coasters and party hats for your guests to take home.
  • Plan the perfect menu. Everyone loves game day foods, so the menu is huge. Aside from the usuals like wings, chips and dips, whip up shareable snacks like a huge pot of chili, gourmet sliders or a heaping helping of macaroni and cheese. Don't forget the soft drinks, ice cold beer and other beverages, too. If you're looking to cut down on costs, turn the party into a potluck and invite everyone to bring their own dish!

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