Pick Your Perfect Dram at MacMillan Whisky Room

You have your bars that serve whisky, and then you have whisky bars. New Fairfax spot MacMillan Whisky Room is definitely the latter. They have hundreds of varieties to choose from, and the knowledgeable staff to guide you to finding your perfect dram (that’s fancy whisky speak for “a small drink”). Whisky is the main ingredient in classic and more interpretive cocktails, but non-drinkers can expect a large selection of Scottish-inspired fare on the menu, too. Most folks like to start with Scotch eggs, and then work their way through other European dishes like steak and Guinness pie or bangers and mash. The food at MacMillan Whiskey Room has a distinct authenticity when it comes to regional fare, and that attention to classic flavors also makes its way into brunch dishes like the full Scottish breakfast.

Find MacMillan Whisky Room on District Avenue, right across from the Angelika Film Center. They open daily at 11 a.m.

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