Now Open Near Regent’s Park: Mim’s Food

Nayima, or “Mim” as her family and friends know her, started her journey to a restaurateur in an unconventional way. For one thing, she was nine years old at the time. And, of course, she had no formal culinary training. What’s more, the meal wasn’t served in a restaurant, but rather in her own dining room to her parents. None of that mattered, though, because Nayima had discovered her passion—one that she pursued into adulthood, and eventually channeled into Mim’s Food.

The restaurant opened last month for takeout and delivery, a culmination of Nayima’s life’s work as an unconventional chef. She specializes in central and south Asian dishes like goyru laghman, a dish featuring a bed of hand-pulled noodles loaded with beef and veggies. The chicken korma showcases the same fresh noodles, but tossed with spicy chicken, potatoes, and vegetables. Mim even puts her own twist on the burger, serving the beef chopped and tucked inside of fresh pita bread with jalapenos and cilantro on the side.

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