Gear Up for Winter Sports at Alpine Ski Shop Near Regent’s Park

Alpine Ski Shop specializes in ski, snowboard, and skateboard equipment, and has what is quite possibly the widest stock you'll find near Regent’s Park. You can get everything from a new set of skis to longboard decks, snowboarding helmets, and derby-style knee and elbow pads. You can even try on insulated jackets, boots, and other non sport-specific clothing.

However, regulars report that the best thing about shopping at Alpine isn't simply the stock; it's the staff. You see, at Alpine Ski Shop, you can be sure that staff members hit the slopes regularly and use the same equipment they sell in the store. In other words, when you shop at Alpine, you'll be able talk with a fellow skier or skater, rather than a salesperson who's never used the products!

Alpine Ski Shop
9629 Fairfax Boulevard
Fairfax, VA 22031
(703) 385-7669

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