Enjoy the Great Outdoors at Hidden Oaks Nature Center

The Hidden Oaks Nature Center in Annandale District Park lives up to its name. Its schedule of events always offers a new way to enjoy Mother Nature, usually by learning more about the creatures that inhabit Annandale. For instance, kids and adults will explore the world of otters via crafts, stories, and activities at Otterly Wonderful or get the chance to see bats soar through the sky at the All About Bats Campfire. Both events are slated for June.

If you'd rather enjoy nature on your own, check out the Hidden Oaks Nature Center during the day to see what it has on tap on a regular basis. Savor the colors and sweet scents of flora in the gardens or traipse along the woodland trails and spot small creatures as you go. Read up on nature in the resource library or experience it firsthand at the pond. The center's permanent animal exhibits also shed some light on the natural goings-on in your community.

Public Domain/Pixabay/CallyL

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