Customize Your Lunch at Taza Falafel, Now Open Near Regent’s Park

If there was ever a food that was perfect for the fast-casual food style, it’s Middle Eastern fare. All of those slow cooked meats, flavorful dips, and savory sauces taste so good piled together. That’s why you’re going to love newly opened Taza Falafel in Fairfax. The eatery has not only have a superior falafel, but shawarma and kebab with easy, grab-and-go style service. 

The open spits with roasted chicken, lamb, and beef will catch your eye first, and you know it’s fresh when you see the team at Taza Falafel carving off your portion right from the mouth-watering rotisserie-style spool. Choose from a sandwich on pita, or platter/bowl with your choice of meat or falafel, then customize it with sides, toppings, and sauce. Don’t skimp! The harissa and tahini turn what would otherwise be a straightforward meal into something magical. 

Find Taza Falafel on James Swart Circle, behind the XSports Fitness Center. Lunch and dinner is on seven days a week, from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.

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