Create a Healthy Dinner Bowl at Global Bistro

If you're determined to have a healthier 2018, Global Bistro can help. The eatery debuted last year with a spate of nourishing dishes inspired by international cuisines. It allows customers to take their health into their own hands and build an entree of whole ingredients step by step.

Begin by deciding whether you want a rice bowl, a salad, or a wrap. Then, pick up to five global toppings, from simple cherry tomatoes and quinoa to pickled beets, seaweed salad, and mango. Add a protein to the mix, such as chicken tempura, fresh salmon, or beef. Finally, finish off the bowl or salad with a dressing like lemon-basil vinaigrette or spicy mayo. If you don't feel like designing your entire meal, Global Bistro also offers pre-made bowls, sandwiches, and salads crafted from the same healthy ingredients.

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