Cabinets Bare at Regent’s Park? Restock at The Fresh Market

Ray and Beverly Berry took a European vacation in the early ‘80s that would drastically change the course of their lives. While they were there, they thoroughly enjoyed the European grocery-shopping experience, which involved perusing small-town markets, often out in the open air. They wanted to create something similar back home, so in 1982, they opened the first branch of The Fresh Market.

Today, The Fresh Market has locations sprinkled all across the country, including one nearby in Vienna. Its atmosphere emulates a European market, focused on a smaller selection of carefully curated, high-quality foods laid out in a format that feels more like a farmers’ market than a grocery store. Browse the medley of colorful fruits and veggies, the freshly baked breads and treats, and dry goods like pasta and snacks. Don’t forget to check out the deli counter and the artisanal cheeses, either.

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